de|pend [ dı`pend ] verb ***
it/that depends MAINLY SPOKEN
used when you cannot give a definite answer, because different things are possible in different situations:
sb's department what/where/how/when/whether/if: How much will I have to pay for a car? It depends what type of car you want.
de`pend ,on or de`pend up,on FORMAL phrasal verb transitive
1. ) never progressive depend on something if one thing depends on another, it is changed or affected by the other thing:
Their future depends on how well they do in school.
depend entirely/solely on something: How much money you get depends entirely on your individual circumstances.
depend largely (=mainly) on something: What the products will look like will depend largely on what customers want.
2. ) depend on someone/something to need someone or something in order to survive or be successful:
The project's success depends on the support of everyone concerned.
depend on someone for something: The young birds depend on their parents for food for several weeks.
depend on someone to do something: The horses all depend on Mr. Jackson to take care of them.
3. ) depend on someone if you can depend on someone to do something, you are sure that they will do it:
I wasn't worried, I knew I could depend on you.
as if your life depends on it
with as much effort as possible
depending on
according to:
Prices vary depending on the area you choose.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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